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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Explanation on some Codex Entries

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Kael Posavatz created the topic: Explanation on some Codex Entries

Date joined:
Part of initial entry

Pick one of the following
[_] Cadet
[_] Bondsman
Part of initial entry, generally someone who is entirely unaware of lore should not be made a Bondsman
Player will choose to be a Cadet or Bondsman. A Cadet enters the touman through the Clan's warrior training program, while a Bondsman is a warrior captured from another Clan (or Inner Sphere) who is offered the opportunity to prove his- or her-self worthy of becoming a part of Clan Wolf

[_] Introduction post
should be part of initial entry. If not, then soon after

[_]Mentor or [_]Bondholder:____

Warrior Reviews _ of 5 (preferred 7)
[_] Officer review

[_] Faction Warfare in-briefing: Name of Briefer / Date
Learn the basics of Faction Warfare

[_] Possesses OR [_] Has a plan of action, for a Faction Warfare DropDeck: Date

[_] Possesses OR [_] Has a plan of action, for a Scouting Warfare DropDeck: Date

Demonstrate familiarity with common Faction Warfare strategy and tactics:
Proficiency will come with experience, but all that is required is the cadet or bondsman show a general understanding. This can be done on the battlefield, or in discussion.
[_] Scouting: Name / Date
[_] Skirmish: Name / Date
[_] Domination: Name / Date
[_] Conquest: Name / Date
[_] Assault: Name / Date
[_] Invasion: Name / Date

Has Witnessed _ of 2 (minimum) Trials of Position: Date [DDMMMYYYY] (Oathmaster)
it is expected that the Oathmaster will sign this portion of the codex

[_] Demonstrated Proficiency in Lore: Date
CWI is a lore-based unit, and while the amount of roleplay is usually limited in day-to-day affairs, a basic understanding of who we are and why we are here is encouraged

[_] Code of Conduct read, agreed to, and signed: Date

[_] Star Colonel's review of Warrior Reviews: Name / Date
Third-to-last thing to be signed off

[_] Interview with Star Colonel and Star Captain (Mentor not present): Name / Date
Second-to-last thing to be signed off
Discuss your time with the Clan, what you hope for the future, what experiences you have enjoyed, where things could be improved, or anything else you want to discuss

[_] Dropped with Mentor and Senior Clan Leadership: Name / Date
Last item to be signed off
Meet and great with the Khan, saKhan, Loremaster, and/or Oathmaster, while having fun

Significant Achievements or Conduct worthy of note (include name of reporter and date):
A chance for great deeds to be recorded for posterity

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